Saturday, February 10, 2007

Some things for Saturday

(1) Indeed, yes, the boiler is still working. (Knock on wood, er, pipes.) Thanks for the concern.

(2) I can't, however, seem to get sufficiently warm. Ever. (Except when good colleague R offered me some hot tea and a lovely scented heating pad. It's like I'm ready for the retirement home or something.)

(3) I'm thinking maybe I'll get the mattress heating thing that my stylist recommended.

(4) Soon, I'll be back to regular and (perhaps) more intellectually stimulating blogging.

(5) After all, we've got a reading carnival coming up.

(6) Cafe Berlin, where I broke my fast this morning, is sort of like what I want from a college town: amateurish but somewhat interesting food. If they could just maybe lose some of the amateurishness as they age.

(7) I'm thinking February 23 for the carnival. So go ahead and read Trimbur and, if you want, some of the articles from last November's CE. That's the "What Should College English Be?" issue, and though not exclusively about writing, might play well with Trimbur's question about the study of writing.


anne said...

It's good to hear the boiler is boilering.

And what else are Saturdays in February for but staying in bed with a heating pad, tea, chocolate, and armfulls of DVD romantic comedies that take place in India, the Caribbean, or a red desert somewhere?

I mean, how else does one refresh?

It's how I'm preparing for the 23rd.

anne said...

and now some things for Tuesday: it sounds as though you may be getting *more* snow and ice today? Yikes.

Eli said...

We'll keep trying, if you keep coming. love, cafe berlin