Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A call, a box

My friend hails me, and so I feel I should slap up something new.

I've been blogging this semester, but over at my class site on ning. Yesterday, I asked the folks in my class to read Sirc's "Box Logic" and to make a basic box. I love that article and I love that assignment. So simple, so elegant. I made a box, too, starting with a photograph by Shelby Lee Adams. (That inspiration came from my many conversations with A, who is in the process of writing a mighty fine paper about a documentary on said photographer.) Adams 's photographs have generated controversy among critics who say he is reinforcing stereotypes about Appalachians. He responds that if people would just look at the pictures, without their preconceptions, they might have another kind of experience. So that's kind of what my box is playing with.


jenny said...

Why ning?

Donna said...

In part, because I like to try new things. Ning appealed to me because it allows all students to blog on one site, but to have separate blogs. My theory was that it would encourage more reading of others' blogs, and I think it is doing that. It also has a news feed for what's been updated (sort of like Facebook), so that also helps me and everyone else to keep up on what everyone else is doing, what the homework is, etc. In other words, it's nice and centralized, but still user-oriented.

bonnie lenore kyburz said...

that is one tough documentary. i couldn't make it through, i'm not proud to say.

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