Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Let's stop blogging in the evening, shall we?

Somewhere along the way of this month of blogging I got into the habit of blogging in the evening. Bad idea. Although I could write in the evening when I was a student (undergraduate and graduate), I seem to have lost this art since hitting the tenure-track. And so here I am, night after night, trying to sound smart, and ending up instead telling you about my love for pumpkins and cookies. Big woop.

Meanwhile, I have cats with various ailments, including one who's staying overnight at the vet. Can't we all just be well for awhile?

All right. Signing off. Here's to better blogging. Early and often, as they say about voting (even if it never makes sense, really).


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with cookies. I love cookies.

John Walter said...

I hope the cats all get well soon.

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