Sunday, March 25, 2007


Looks like it's time for the annual CCCC retrospective. The theme this year? Skip it.

I skipped yoga (which I had hoped to get to) Wednesday night. I hadn't eaten since 8 am or something like that and also had forgotten my registration materials, so, after arriving and checking in to my hotel, I found my way to the Hilton to ask for a new name tag. I knew I was going the right way when I saw the gigantic frogs in front of the building next door. Ah yes, I thought, I remember the gigantic frogs. On closer inspection, they turned out to be gigantic classical torsos. I wondered if I had really thought, last time the Cs was in NYC, that they were gigantic frogs or if it was a case of invented memory. I'll never know. At any rate, like I said, I was deliriously hungry. So I skipped yoga in favor of getting some food.

My panel was the first one after the general session Thursday morning. I needed to do a little tinkering on the paper, so I skipped the WPA breakfast (even though I had registered) and the general session, too.

As has become somewhat usual, I skipped many sessions. While skipping one, I met two current grad students from my PhD-granting institution. One commented on how he was trying to go to every session. Ah, unjaded youth.

I thought I would have to skip the St. Martin's party because I had dinner plans at 7:00 and attended a session that lasted until 5:00 or so. But A, one of my dinner companions, suggested we take a cab to Central Park and at least have a peek at the Tavern on the Green. So we did.

I skipped a number of panels I wanted to attend, including panels by good friends, solely because they were on Saturday afternoon. I just couldn't believe CCCC was going to last all day Saturday. My plane was leaving in the afternoon, so I had to get a cab to the airport around noon. Note to self: next year, stay overnight on Saturday.

I also skipped all of the Sweet Sixteen, except a glimpse now and then to check scores. Since none of the scores were to my liking, I'll skip that, too.

What didn't I skip? Meals with friends. Catching up in the lobby and hallways. A few good panels. A few editorial-type meetings. A walk down Broadway at midnight. (Sensory overload? Oh yes.)

All in all, a good time. Some new ideas. Some new connections. Some connections maintained.

And now, at last, Spring Break.


Adam Koehler said...

This connection was happy to hang out at dinner with you! (Even though we were in different table-time-zones...) Bummer that our panels were at the same time...

And your copy of Avery is on its way!

Donna said...

Hi Adam! It was nice to have a chance to chat a bit, even if much of it was across a large expanse of table. And, yes, the competing panel business was pretty disappointing--I would have liked to hear what you and Scot had to say about Sigur Ros. Thanks for getting my copy of Avery in the mail so quickly--I'm looking forward to seeing (and reading) it!