Friday, June 10, 2005

It's Friday, so look at my cat

Casey May 2005
Originally uploaded by donnastrickland.

Casey came to live with us in January as a foster cat, having been rescued last spring by Columbia Second Chance, a no-kill shelter in town. They estimate his age to be around 6, though my vet suspects he might be a bit older. Definitely middle age, in other words. We officially adopted him in March, a couple of weeks before Gabe found us when we visited the local Humane Society.

Casey's a very low-key cat who finds little Gabe's desire to wrestle him and chase him very disconcerting. He's always liked this spot by the window but often retreats to it to get away from the adolescent menace.


Jesus Christ said...

Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice

EvilleB said...

It takes a lot of courage to post right after Jesus (who knew he blogged?), but I've nevertheless gotta say that's one stunning cat.

glaven said...

I'm sorry to say this comment isn't about your cat. SO NOW CHRISTIANS SPAM BLOG COMMENTS??? That's a tad on the ridiculous side! Or is this just an inside joke I'm not privy to? BTW, the jesus christ link takes you to chick publications...the propaganda tract is quite funny.

Donna said...

No inside joke that I know of, Glaven. And doesn't even look like a Spambot (Jesusbot?). I guess I just attract readers of the highest authority, eh?