Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Design doldrums

I'm really really bored with the look of my blog. I spent an hour or so this morning trying to fiddle with the template, to no avail. Actually, I think I might have made it look worse. Here's what I don't like:

(1) How it's a standard template from blogger that hundreds of other people are using.

(2) How for the last couple of months my sidebar slips down to the bottom of the blog on some screens.

(3) How big the font is.

Now, you would think at least some of these things would be easy to fix. But I admit it: I usually take the easy road when it comes to design on the web and so have only the barest of skills. Something to work on when I'm not working on my book this summer.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Karen. I just found your new blog at blogspot. Silly me to take this long to find it. I hope you are having a fun summer, book and all. xoxox

Becky Howard said...

I've had a Blogger blog and was very frustrated by my attempts to modify the template. So good luck w/ that one!

Glaven said...

The look of my blog program can be changed within or without the program itself by editing the CSS file(Cascading Style Sheet). You have to know a little HTML and CSS syntax, but CSS isn't all that difficult. The only possible downside is you have to install the program on your webserver(it's not a "blogging service"). My webserver is actually affordable. I payed $34 for a year of service(free domain name registration as well) and it has many features.

Donna said...

Hiya Karen! Thanks for dropping by. Wasn't this you back in Feb.?

Donna said...

And thanks, Becky, for giving me permission to blame blogger for my frustrations! And Glaven, well, I've got some HTML under my belt (though there's always room for more, no doubt), so I guess it's CSS I need? And a webserver.