Tuesday, July 19, 2005

City Museum

I'd heard of City Museum before I went there Saturday with friends, but I had really no notion of what I would find there. It's usually billed as a place for kids (and friends on Saturday included people ages 3 and 5), so I was expecting hands-on, interactive kinds of things.

Lion City Museum

And it was interactive, but not like a science museum or something like that. Walking in, the space was disorienting: as my friend G. put it, it looks like someone found a bunch of stuff at a dump and just threw it down for kids to climb around on. But once I got my bearings, I began to "find" things and to slowly realize that this was a museum of city cast-offs: old gargoyles, bicycle tire inflators, and yes, even Big Boy--all arranged, for the most part, to allow climbing, crawling, and general kid-like maneuvering. Cool place.

Crouching Gargoyle City Museum


Robert said...

I think I'd like to have that big boy in my front yard. That or the gargoyle.

Donna said...

They actually had *two* Big Boys. Maybe they could loan you one?