Thursday, July 28, 2005

My old guy

Clyde's new bed

It hardly seems right that both Casey and Gabe, two johnny-come-latelies, have appeared on this blog and Clyde hasn't. So now he has.

Although we bought this bed for Gabe, and although Clyde already had his very own special orthopedic bed, Clyde took an immediate fancy to this cushy thing. Nineteen years and arthritic joints trumps one year and bouncing off the walls. It's Clyde's bed now.

Clyde and Kitty came to live with us 13 years ago when they were both about 6 years old. Their previous human companion, A, went to live in Israel for awhile and entrusted the cats to us. Although A returned sooner than planned, he let us keep the cats. I've always felt a little guilty about that, but not too much. We kind of bonded with them right away. Thirteen years later, Clyde's still an awfully sweet guy, despite aches and pains and various ailments of old age.

I know this will no doubt sound corny, but I feel like I've learned and contine to learn a lot about aging gracefully from Kitty and Clyde. And even about dying well.

Old cats at rescue organizations always have a hard time finding homes, but let me tell you: if you have a chance to make a home with an old cat, don't pass it up.

Here endeth my sentimental blog about Clyde.

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