Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Things to blog about

The good thing about blogging is the subtle pressure exerted by knowing that a few people, at least, tend to take a look at one's blog most every day and that you owe it to them to get something up there. So I'm keenly aware that I haven't kept my end of the bargain for a few days. Here, then, is a list of things I've wanted to blog, will probably blog, but haven't yet blogged.

1. My visit to Adam's Wall of Books on Saturday. I've even got a picture for that one.

2. The two books I bought there. (One from 1939 and one from the 1950s. I'll save the details for later.)

3. The adventures of Simon and Gabe.

4. Pictures of Simon *without* his fancy blue collar.

5. The very bleak state of unions in Missouri (esp. for state employees)

6. How much I like my class.

And a few other things I've sort of thought about but not that hard:

1. The NBA dress code and affective public rhetorics

2. The increasing availability of pumpkin beers and lagers

3. How I went almost two weeks without taking any cat to the vet (ended today)

4. How I'm going to a small regional conference in St. Louis on Thursday and Friday.

5. Is Tom DeLay smarmy or what? And he was kicked out of my alma mater, too. For drinking.


bdegenaro said...

Not sure if you're taking votes or not, but I'd love to hear more about smarmy Tom DeLay getting the boot from your school!

Glaven said...

Could you elaborate on the NBA dress code and affective public rhetorics? I'm intrigued.

Have you tried pumpkin beer? I tried one and it was quite tasty. It's almost like liquid pumpkin pie(though, that doesn't sound very appetizing). The spicy sweet flavor really captures the autumn season.

Donna said...

Hey Glaven--
I haven't been ignoring your comment. Really I haven't. It's just that, like I said, the NBA dress code was something I had thought about, but not too hard. I was just intrigued by the flurry of emotion it brought up, and starting thinking about the dress of athletes as an affective rhetoric that circulates, influences attitudes, and, if we believe a fellow named Kenneth Burke, actions, too.

As for the second question, I used to live in Milwaukee, ya know.

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