Thursday, October 13, 2005

Who's that cat?

who's that cat

Simon the fashion cat

Meet Simon, who joined us a few days back. He's wearing a fashionable Elizabethan collar this week to help him forget that his eye kinda itches. Soon, though, he'll give it up, and then he'll proceed to meet those interesting cats on the other side of his door. He and Casey have done a little foot play under the door, and Gabe has sniffed and hissed a bit. Next week, we'll make it face to face.

(We learned this week that none of our other cats were infected with Feline Leukemia. Thank whatever cat gods may be.)


Becky Howard said...

What a beautiful cat! But I do think you should have color-coordinated the collar with the coat. What could you have been thinking?

Elizabeth said...

Simon is a very handsome fellow! Congratulations on the clean bill of health!

Donna said...

Simon appreciates your admiration. And though you can't see them in these pictures, his eyes are a perfect match for the collar!

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