Friday, January 27, 2006

Not my childhood public library

My colleagues R and M and I have begun a writing support group: we meet up at the Public Library on Friday morning and we write. (Yeah, that's where I am now. And I'm writing. See?)

But this public library, friends, is a snazzy place. We're in our own study room, with barrister lamps and wifi access. And a nice postmodern architectural style:

This is nothing like the public libraries of my childhood in Weatherford.

At first, when I was still in elementary school, it was nothing more than an old brick building that was, I think, originally something else.

Then the new one was built. It seemed fancy. It may not, however, look fancy to you:

And it was practically in my back yard! Oh, modern innovation! Oh, celebrity! (A bronze statue of Mary Martin as Peter Pan graced the entrance. And Mary Martin came to town for the dedication!)

Yes, a representational statue of a representation. That was the library of my childhood. Not this:

It's not my childhood public library. And it's a good thing, too.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, very nice. Not like my town's library, either. When I was in high school, I stole a library book from our city library. (Nerd crime.) It was David Ignatow's book of poems. I loved it so much. But the guilt grew, and I eventually snuck it back to the shelves.

We have a new library here, and I keep forgetting that I can go inside just to sit and write.


Chris Geyer said...

Have you seen the public library in Seattle? It's a totally cool amazing space. Designed by Rem Koolhaus - very postmodern, lots of bright colors and many opportunities to feel like you're floating in space, which is somewhat unnerving. Still - given the photos you've got here, seems like a place you would like.

Donna said...

I *have* seen the Seattle Public Library--though only from the outside. In fact, I saw it first (during a trip there in March 2004), so when I moved to Columbia that fall, I too thought of the Seattle library when I saw the Columbia library. (Though they don't look much alike, admittedly, other than both being striking and postmodern.) Anyway, I'll have to make sure to actually go inside the library the next time I'm in Seattle.

And, yeah, Jenny, I had overlooked the public library as a place to work until now. It's a great alternative to working on campus, and they even serve coffee!

Fahd Mirza said...

Keep writing