Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Surprised while blogging

OK, I really *am* going to stop blogging today. It's just that while writing the last post (at Panera, where I'm currently fond of doing work), I looked up to see none other than Chris@WindFarm, who is in town to see his sister and team play Colorado tonight. It's always quite astonishing to see someone out of context. So, Chris, in case I seemed not sufficiently happy to see you, let me say: I was really happy to see you!

Just two additional notes on that: I tried to get some pictures of wind farms during my last drive through Illinois in December. I'll maybe post them. And Chris was good enough to introduce me to said sister, who was having a pre-game meal. Or snack. Or something. Me, I'm just drinking coffee and blogging. Apparently.


chris said...

A pleasant surprise indeed.

Concerning actual wind farms: i've read of the 30,000 acre farm north of Bloomington somewhere. I've never actually seen it. It really surprises me that wind farms haven't a bigger presence in the midwest. They make too much sense i suppose. Plus, i'm sure that the coal mining industry has had something to say about it.

My fascination with wind turbines has been growing for some time now. There used to be a solitary turbine on an agricultural farm on Illinois Highway 4 just north of Lebanon that would mesmerize me every time i drove to or from C'dale. It's no longer there. I've always wanted to pull up to that farmers house and interview him about his lil wind project. ...maybe i'll do it one of these days yet.

Donna said...

I think my photos might be of that farm north of Bloomington. At the very least, they were taken north of Bloomington. Not much else to see north of Bloomington. The problem is that it was kinda gray the day I took the photos, and the wind turbines themselves are white, so they aren't great pics. But maybe I'll slap them up anyway, in honor of your cleverly-titled blog.