Tuesday, May 02, 2006

KB x 2

The grading of many papers has taken up much space in my life over the past few days. I was so tired on Sunday that I had trouble staying awake during a lovely set by the Kenny Barron trio. That's just silly.

Anyway, in between moments of grading, I keep coming back to the same idea when I think about my RSA paper (which deals with Kenneth Burke and affect). And I quickly write it down on my computer so that I'll remember it. (Yes, I've quickly written down the same idea more than once. Because I forgot that I had the same idea previously. Lord.)

And now I'm blogging it because goodness knows I need something up here.

Burke's many faces are the Burke affect: suggesting possibilities rather than rigid identities. So maybe identification isn't really identification unless we read it through Massumi's theory of non-identification. It's not a fixed meaning. And the reason Burke continues to fascinate is precisely because his texts are not arguments, they are not fixed. The parlor is not simply a parlor. It is many, many parlors. Suggests hypertext. (So goes against the use of Burke to "fix" us into a certain mode of argumentation---Graff and Birkenstein, eg.)

There you go. I'm going to somehow turn that into a 15 minute presentation by the end of the month.

And you do know, of course, that it's his birthday Friday? Just checking.


chris said...

if memory serves, i believe someone else has a birthday approaching. ...and i think her name starts with the letter "D"

Donna said...

You mean *his* name, don't you? As in, Derek? I mean, Friday *is* a big birthday day. It's Karl Marx's birthday, too. I plan to post a bunch of cat pics to celebrate.

Derek said...

And Ann B. Davis and Soren Kierkegaard. So much to celebrate!

Now, to important things, what sort of cake do you suppose Burke liked?

Donna said...

Gosh, I didn't realize Kierkegaard, too. Someone mentioned to me that Rush Limbaugh might also be a cinco-de-mayo-er, but I'm rejecting that.

Anyway: what a good question about Burke and cake. Maybe a nice cake with an attitude?

chris said...

Celebrate with a bunch of cat pics?!? I'm sure the celebration will be well attended.

Cats. I'm still investigating this mysterious cat-comp connection. My instincts tells me there's more than meets the eye with this thing...

Happy birthday to all. Even the cats.

dhawhee said...

Can't wait for your paper, Donna. And stay tuned to blogos for a KB birthday entry.