Sunday, May 14, 2006

Listing toward Tuesday

(1) Grades are due tomorrow. So am in final dash to the finish. How is it that so many of my fellow bloggers are done already? Ah well. Soon enough, I will be, too.

(2) Then it's on to getting that RSA paper in shape. ("The Burke Affect," in which I will be talking about identification, but I seem to have no brain space at the moment to think about Collin's question. Maybe others do?)

(3) And, at the same time, will be working with R. on our chapter for an edited collection.

(4) And, also at the same time, working on my book revisions.

Much writing coming up, then, which will no doubt trickle onto the blog. And I'll slough off (2) and (3) by mid-summer, so that by August I'll be almost exclusively at (4). And in the fall (yea!) I'll be on leave. Pure (4).


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