Sunday, August 13, 2006

Newest addiction

Last summer, they were just a Star Wars ad piece. This summer (by popular demand, of course), Dark Chocolate M&Ms appear to be here for good.

I don't know why I like them so much. On first taste, they aren't so different from regular M&Ms. But they leave a slight bitter aftertaste, just like dark chocolate should. Nice.

But I can't have them in the house. I like them too much, I just told C., as I poured myself a handful. He asked if I might like him to hide them and give me three chances to ask for them.

Um, no. I'll take my chances.

The Candy Addict reviews them here. He's less enthusiastic than I am. But he notes, as C. and I did, that only some of the candies are stamped with the word "dark." Strange, isn't it?

And I discovered them, by the way, while getting gas on the way to Kansas City last week. Soon, I might blog about the trip itself. Or something else about it other than discovering that the dark chocolate M&Ms are back.


Becky Howard said...

Dark chocolate M&Ms? Dang! Now, this is news one can use! Quick, which way to the minimart? Never let news like this leak to a dark chocolate addict. Such as myself.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love dark chocolate. This has become a problem because my work keeps a stash of the new Hershey's dark chocolate with cranberries, blueberries and almonds on hand all the time. So good. I recommend you try!

amy said...

But dark chocolate is good for you! This is what my aunt and I constantly told ourselves over the summer as we popped dark chocolate after lunch. So I say, grab another handful, because dark chocolate is a super food.

Donna said...

You're right, Amy: dark chocolate is good for you! That's been my food research tidbit of choice for some years now. But that doesn't mean it's calorie free, alas.

And, Erika--dark chocolate with fruit and nuts is a favorite of mine, so I'll have to check out the Hershey's. For purely experimental reasons, of course.

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