Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Maybe about errands

Reading Debbie's post about her set of errands for the afternoon made me think hey, I'll write about my errands, too! I have errands today! (And what else am I going to write about? Not more about the book writing, please!)

But I have more errand than errands. Mainly, my errand involves going to the vet to get a prescription for methimazole for Clyde. Clyde's 20 years old! And he's been taking this medication since April 2004. Another effective treatment for hyperthyroidism is to hit the thyroid gland with radioactive iodine, which is somewhat expensive and requires isolating the cat for several weeks and doing something special with the (ahem) waste products. I opted against that treatment since Clyde was already getting close to 18 when he was diagnosed and I admit I thought he couldn't possibly have much longer to live. I was wrong. Go Clyde!

Other than that, the other item on my agenda is not so much errand as "break." Coffee break, to be precise. With Marcia!

But if I might take another cue from Debbie's post, I'll just briefly mention that *my* glasses give an ever so gentle "creak" when I turn my head to the right. For a long time I thought it was my neck, then finally realized it didn't happen when my glasses were off. But what does this mean? I can't find a crack. But it must be there. I live in fear of my glasses falling apart, but I take comfort from Debbie's (albeit temporary) success with superglue.


dhawhee said...

The creak in the neck part is hilarious. I'm glad you didn't try to superglue your neck! It's funny you should bring this up because I am officially contemplating getting a *spare* pair of glasses today. It seems an odd thing to do, but I've been miserable without my glasses, wearing contacts for like 6 hours longer per day and whatnot (and if I didn't have contacts I'd be sca-rewed).

Donna said...

Yes: sca-rewed is exactly what I would be if my glasses were to break. A spare pair--what a fine idea.

chris said...

Not more about the book writing, please! Really?

I rather enjoy reading about your thoughts on your process - as well as the process itself. i'm especially anxious to see what you do with all your notes and research on Dewey.

dhawhee said...

Chris: you must have missed the part where Collin let Donna off the hook and gave her permission not to worry about Dewey. :)

Zil said...

This is perhaps boringly practical, but may I exhort all of us myopic folk to ABSOLUTELY HAVE TWO PAIRS OF GLASSES + CONTACTS at all times. Even when traveling. Last summer my bag was stolen in the UK with my glasses inside, and even though I had my contacts in (luckily my eyeballs weren't stolen) it was very tedious not having glasses, yet very expensive to replace them abroad. More recently, a certain marauding toddler broke the arms off of both my spare pairs of glasses so I am now contemplating the need for THREE sets, a regular, a back-up, and a back-up back-up. Lessons learned include not trusting cabdrivers in Cambridge, England, and not letting 1 year olds in your house. Oops, too late on that second one.

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