Sunday, April 01, 2007

I'm thinking

It's been quite the weekend for awards. First, I won Collin's comment contest, and now, thanks toWriting Maternity, I've been tagged with a Thinking Blogger award.

That latter award is especially nice in conjunction with the former. To win Collin's contest, all I did was write this tantalizing remark:
By the way, hasn't anyone made comment #2000 yet?

On the face of it, that might not seem like a comment that required a lot of thinking. But, if you trace the associations, Latour style, you'll see that it required a number of actors and movements (my blogroll, something [the trace of which is now lost] triggering my memory, etc.). Many associations had to come together in just the right way to make it possible.

And isn't that thinking? The bringing together of associations? I would say so.

At any rate, accepting the "Thinking Blogger" meme requires that I list five blogs that make me think. Well, friends, that's a tall order, since so many blogs in fact make me think. It's not like I'm filling up my blogroll with dross. So, I've decided to concentrate on a subset of bloggers, those who *currently* find themselves pursuing a graduate degree. I'm ever grateful for the opportunity to be in on cutting edge thinking, which (if we believe Kuhn, and I kinda do) happens more often among new members of a field than among long timers. And I'm also focusing on blogs that I've been reading for awhile--cause, you know, they've had more time to get me thinking. So, here's my list:

Earth Wide Moth
Machina Memorialis
Schizzes and Flows

And, ok, I might be biased, but they make me think, in all kinds of ways:

m2h blogging
Wind Farm


jeff said...

Those are all very good choices, and I read them too.

Scot said...

Congratulations on both accounts! And thanks as well for the shout out!

John said...

Congratulations, and thank you!