Tuesday, April 17, 2007

To do

Lord. It's getting to be the end of the semester, and things are needing to get done. Here's a list. Not that you want to know. But I need to remember. And writing in more than one place, while not part of the GTD plan, seems helpful at the moment.

(And the list isn't in order of priority. Pretty much everything is at the same level.)

1. Get that 100 word CCCC proposal to the other members of my panel. (Hi, Panel. Sorry to be slow on this.)

2. Get the upcoming visitor's ground transportation and hotel information to him. (Hello, upcoming visitor. Don't worry--it's a-coming.)

3. Write a 300 word abstract of my book for the Writers' Bloc meeting tomorrow.

4. Go to the gym. Please. Tonight. Tomorrow. Thursday.

5. Read a certain someone's revised thesis.

6. Do some other things that I've promised to do but won't blog about.

7. Go to the dentist in the morning for the follow up on that appointment during Spring Break. Remember to take my own kind of music. [Forgot the music, but did take thesis mentioned in item 5.]

8. Reply to some emails that are sitting in my inbox just waiting.

9. Revise my narrative for 3rd year review.

10. Buy my sister a birthday card, even though it will be late (seeing as how tomorrow is her birthday and she lives in Texas).

Update 4/18: Look at all those strikethroughs! Just a few items left. Of course, they're mostly things that require a little more thought than the others.

Update 4/23: So everything is done except item 8. Still have many emails left to reply to. Maybe this summer I can work on what seems to be the impossible goal of the empty inbox.


Anne Frances said...

um, okay, since you are making such lovely and good progress, can I send you a few items off my list? (Or can we instigate a "On the day the semester ends all unfinished list items are magically removed never to reappear" movement?)

Donna said...

Well, since I've been adding items off-blog, I would go for the latter suggestion, but not the former.