Monday, July 02, 2007

Taking the plunge

Tomorrow I'm heading to Texas, where most all of my immediate family lives. After many summers of drought, this summer, as you may have heard, is bringing flooding.

(Photo from

Including flooding in the county where my parents live.

My parents live a good ways away from the Brazos River, so they're fine. But I have to admit to some trepidation, nonetheless. I'll be driving through Kansas, Oklahoma, and north Texas--all areas with flooding and with rain predicted for the rest of the week.

But, on the bright side, I haven't heard of any interstates being flooded.

It's been unbelievable, though, to hear these reports of evacuation orders in north central Texas. More believable would be the fires that ravaged the area a couple of years ago. Grass dies in Texas in the summer. My memories are full of brown grass.

But this year, floods. It's enough to fuel those fires I've talked of before: the brimstone-laden belief in the End Times.

Wish me luck.


chris said...

luck has been wished.

not sure if you'll be anywhere near the northeast region of the state, but if you drive by Jacksonville and/or Tyler, TX, say what's up to my old stomping grounds for me. i have some interesting memories from that year in my life - sponsored almost exclusively by small-town, TX - oh, and the lil school i attended.

travel safely.

Billie said...

You'll be in Texas?!?!?!? I won't be back until Friday, but if you are available (and your family is near me, right?), let's get together!

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