Saturday, June 30, 2007

Good things

In the tradition of a recurring feature at Parts-n-Pieces, I offer a list of recent good things.

1. S. and K., two former grad students from SIU, visited me yesterday and today. I hadn't seen either of them since leaving Carbondale, and so it was awfully nice to spend a day or so with them.

2. We walked down 9th St. this morning, stopping in at all the cool stores along the way.

3. All three of us bought these wonderful little sun-catchers, composed of pieces of old lace encased in glass. They're made by a woman in Kansas City. Local art.

4. I bought a pair of "Moroccan pants" for my new great nephew. I'll see him for the first time this week.

5. I got some good publication news yesterday.

6. Tonight, C. and I are driving to Jazz at the Bistro in St. Louis to hear jazz bassist Ben Allison, whose 2002 release Peace Pipe is one of my recent favorites.

7. I'm going to make French toast in the morning for R. and Z. (Well, and C., too.)

8. Also today, while out with K. and S., I bought some bamboo flip flops. I've admired my yoga teacher's bamboo flip flops for awhile. Now I have some of my own. So does K.

9. I'm going to a Bead for Life party this afternoon.

10. I had cinnamon ice cream last night at Sparky's. But it was hard not to choose the lavender honey instead.


jeff said...

So? What's the publication news?

John said...

Aye, one wonders.

Collin said...

Yes, yes, yes. Comment 5a?

Donna said...

Why is everyone fixated on this one thing? Why not ask, for instance, about the Moroccan pants I bought for my new nephew?

I've been given a contract, though not for my single-authored book. I can't be specific at the moment.

But, you know, it's nice to get a contract.

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