Monday, August 20, 2007

Eight things for the eighth month

Sometimes, you know, you just put things off for too long. Last month, for instance, I was tagged. In fact, it was exactly one month ago yesterday that Shehun stopped at this humble blog and announced, "You're it."

In the month that has passed, I've composed some parts of my eight random things list. I was especially inspired by Dan's contribution to the meme. So, although I have no video to accompany it, I shall begin my list with a tribute to Dan's.

1. My senior year in high school, our local chapter of the National Honor Society put on a talent show. Don't ask me why. I can't even remember quite what I did. I think I was in a skit. But I do remember the finale, in which we all paraded out on stage to the tune of "If They Could See Me Now." We were all told to dress as we thought we would look in ten years. So there were doctors, teachers, that sort of thing. I wore a gold lame shirt and plastic pants. I was, I imagined, a punk rocker. My costume was quite the hit. I'm not kidding.

2. Taking up the example of my nabor Jenny, I now have a book blog. (And thanks to my other nabor for making the blog possible. He is not, however, responsible for its horrifically bland look.)

3. My book blog is called "What it all might mean." That was a line from a poem I wrote during my MFA days. I wanted that to be the title of my MFA thesis, but my thesis director wouldn't have it. So now it's the title of my book blog.

4. Now that I'm doing the book blog, I have three support systems for finishing the book. One is a writing group of a few colleagues and the other is an online writing group of folks at various universities. The former is devoted mainly to product, the latter mainly to process. I'm trying to cover all bases, you see.

5. After the success of my "punk rock" costume in high school, I began to slowly accumulate accessories that belonged to an alter ego I called "Blue." I no longer have these accessories, however.

6. Between Thursday and Saturday, I experienced a 40-degree drop in temperature. (Atmospheric temperature, I mean.)

7. There seems to be the beginnings of a rhet/comp network on FaceBook. Do more folks FaceBook than blog?

8. Speaking of the field, aren't we way overdue for another Rhet/Comp reading carnival?


chris said...

really? FaceBook? i mean, i have a FaceBook page, but, really? it's just so odd to me...

another colleague recently told me how she was informed - via FaceBook - of her article's acceptance...

J. suggested a non-Blogger place to post my CV. i wonder if FaceBook is a place he had in mind as an acceptable place to post it..?



jeff said...

I put some themes in there if you want to change the look. and I can put more in.

Chris: No! Get a campus or private url/domain. Facebook is not professional either.

Daniel said...

Having an alter ego--refreshing and healthy. Having an alter ego named blue with accessories--priceless. Congratulations on the book blog. It will be nice to see what is happening there. Facebook seems like a good place to be right now. I like the way it seems to be breaking down some student/faculty divisions--in a non creepy way. Are you thinking of the group Composition Communty?

senioritis said...

Ha! I saw your title and thought that you had a Blessed Event in just one month!

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