Tuesday, August 28, 2007

On the record

I got an email yesterday, during my day-long writing marathon, asking my opinion about some new plagiarism detection software. And so now I'm online, saying, yeah, I wouldn't use it, but I guess other people would.


Marissa said...

I had a professor last summer, who ran our papers through 4 different databases to detect plagiarism. Not 1 or 2, but 4! I don't like how it sends the message that the professor automatically doesn't trust the student. You can't have a good relationship with your students if you don't believe in their integrity.

Jenny said...

Is there "crappy writing assignment detection software" to detect some *other* problems in the writing class?

Probably not. Let's just focus on the plagiarism.

Jason said...

You're famous, Donna! A librarian with whom I used to be on the local academic integrity committee forwarded me this article.

Donna said...

Jason, do you mean she forwarded the article straight from the student newspaper site? That's kinda wild.

Jason said...

I do mean exactly that. Student papers have a global reach these days.

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