Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Being great-aunted

As reported earlier on this humble blog, I became a great aunt this year.

And, well, it's turned out to be quite the year for great nephews, because another arrived last month and still another is coming in two more weeks. Yes, I know the date. My niece has an appointment. Conveniently, it's during Thanksgiving Break. So I'll get to go down to Texas and visit him when he's just a day or two old.

In the meantime, let me share with you this amazing photo of my second great nephew, grandson to my brother. (Yes, my siblings are grandparents. How bizarre is that? Remember, if you will, that I'm the youngest by an average of 10 years.) This little guy came forth with a whole head of hair. You can see him below the fold.


senioritis said...

You are indeed blessed.

Is the cute guy in the photo a preemie? My granddaughter was early and had a big head o' hair. They told us that fetuses actually have more hair than full-term newborns, so a preemie usually has more hair that full-termers.

Donna said...

I'm pretty sure he wasn't a preemie--he was induced. Preemies aren't usually induced?

Interesting factoid, all the same.

jenny said...

oooooh. my. goodness.

that's a lot of hair.

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