Monday, May 02, 2005

The bashful blogger

Conferenced most of the day with about half of my 1000 ("Exposition and Argumentation") students. Student M, who, as I previously reported, is the only blogger in the class, told me he'd much rather blog than write the kind of evidence-based paper he's currently writing for class.

But, I ask, don't you use evidence to support your opinions on your blog?

Sure, he says, but it's much more abstract.

So I ask him can I read his blog. Red creeps up his face.

No, he says. It's just philosophical stuff.


Becky Howard said...

I had several undergrads last semester who blogged. I received URLs from none of them. One of them threatened suicide if I found her LiveJournal.

Donna said...

Goodness! Heightens the ol curiousity, doesn't it? What information could the blog contain that would require the death of the author if read by teacher?

chris said...

i've been blogging for a couple months now, and it wasn't until monday that i finally provided the URL to curious classmates and teacher. not sure why. guess i figured if they were truly interested they'd put in the effort to find it themselves.

even though i play with "academic" ideas or issues or whatever, i don't consider it a schoolish activity. somehow it's different. kinda like how i would never invite any of my classmates to lift with me... probably weird, but, oh well..