Monday, May 16, 2005

Travel-induced paranoia

So I'm back home now, having spent all day in shuttle vans, small jets, and airports. And there's really nothing like such a claustrophic day for inducing paranoid thoughts. Like these:

(1) What is this "One World Alliance" that American Eagle announces it is proud to be part of as we are preparing for de-planing?

(2) Why was a young woman with a German accent allowed to get a driver's license during a visit to Little Rock but not allowed to get one in Colorado? ("It's ok, right?" she asked the person on the other end of the cell phone. "It's an American driver's license?")

(3) Am I living in parallel universes (a la Star Trek) when I simultaneously see the shuttle drivers from my new home in Columbia and my old home in Carbondale standing side by side in baggage claim at the St. Louis Airport?

(4) Will the Christian right shortly take over the country and install a new totalitarian state as the articles in this month's Harper's warn?


theone said...

The Christian right has already taken over.(at least our "leaders" are using the christian right to take over, though our "leaders" may or may not be christians themselves). As far as the shuttle drivers, it was simply a glich in the Matrix.

Donna said...

Hmm. Now wouldn't a glitch in the Matrix cause me to see the same shuttle driver twice? I think this was definitely a hole in the universe. Something like that.