Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Will I eat my words

Words to eat:

Told my 1000 students to be sure to bring a pencil to class on Friday. They thought I was going to give them a test. And presumably they were going to just accept that. But, no, it was for evaluations. After class I realized the new evaluation form requires no pencil.

This afternoon, my last 8010 class. Not enough words, I say. Not enough. Not enough. One semester, and now go teach. I was thinking over lunch how I wish I had fit in this, fit in that, remembered this, remembered that. Is there anything harder than "teaching" people how to "teach"? Oh yeah. Teaching people how to write. That's hard, too.

Last month I told C I had had enough birthdays. No need for any more birthdays, thank you. With one day to go, I'm busily retracting those words. Just told him this morning: You know, I really overstated that thing about my birthday. . .

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