Friday, February 11, 2005

How about 5 more things?

It's getting late and I haven't posted, so I'll rattle off another 5 things about me and be done with it. Here we go:

(6) Same birthplace as Mary Martin and Larry Hagman. That's Peter Pan and JR to you. Soon (already?) those references will have no meaning.

(7) Parents' birthplaces: even tinier Texas towns--Antelope and Rock Creek. Don't let them fool you: everything is *not* bigger in Texas.

(8) Like many girls, I developed a horse fetish. I lived in Texas, but no horse for me. I would tear out and save up ads for horses. Things like "9-year old gelding. $300." I believed just showing these ads to my parents would finally yield a horse. I was wrong. My first rhetoric (un)lesson.

(9) My father used to say, "I have to work for a living." I didn't understand. Didn't everyone work for a living?

(10) And now for something completely different: Prince Charles? I thought *I* would marry him.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Donna. This is Karen aka Mrs. B. I can't believe you wrote so much in such a short span of time. I liked the details about your grad students in an earlier post . . . and the lavendar post . . . and the true confessions of a packrat. (I have been inside your home. I remember piles of newspapers and books and papers. It wasn't a dirty house; just a house of a bibliophile, IMO.)

I hope you feel better soon!

Donna said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by, Karen! I was afraid my switch over to blogger might go unnoticed over at LiveJournal (not that I ever had an LJ following, seeing as how I hardly ever posted). My blogging gotten on with a little help from friends (a student, Marcia, and a professional colleague, Collin--who's at Syracuse).