Sunday, December 11, 2005


Come autumn, come cool weather, come the holidays, I reach for cinnamon. Ah cinnamon. Cinnamon. Just sounds nice, doesn't it.

Opened up a fresh jar of organic stuff from Frontier. Cooked up some Polvorones de canela, some of my favorite cookies in the world. And made with fresh, fresh spice. Mmmmmm.

And, just like dark chocolate, it's good for you, too.


starbender said...

Stop! Now
I'm hungry!

Zil said...
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Zil said...

Der, you did already.

Why didn't we get to eat these at the holiday party?

Donna said...

But they *were* at the holiday party! I thought I had made a nuisance of myself telling everyone about them...but must have inadvertently spared you.

Iron Soft said...

very nicely done.

starbender said...

I simmer cinnamon sticks in a pan of water, my House smells good enough 2 eat! Yum!