Sunday, December 04, 2005

Strangeness of spam

I logged onto blogger tonight and noticed that my dashboard (where almost all the blogs I've ever created are displayed since I almost never delete them)indicated recent activity on a class blog from last fall. I opened it up and found this piece of completely incomprehensible spam in the comments:

Hi Josh, I am enjoying some idle time and looking to see what white will bring up. My e-mail for peer reviewing and the like is certainly interesting and informative. white is a good word to bring into the conversation. Great post. Enjoy your day!

The word "white" in the first sentence is a link (which I didn't click for fear of attracting new spam), so I suppose the whole point is to get someone, anyone to click that link. It doesn't really matter if the content makes no sense. It's just a link to allow for contagion. Links call out to us. We want to be moved by them. See where they take us.

Because I'm tempted, you know. Tempted to click it, even though there's almost no chance that I'll care about the site I'll be transported to.

And, before I sign out, let me just remind you:

White is a good word to bring into the conversation. That's advice you can live by.

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