Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Where I've Been

I wanted to make a map, but that's just not going to happen before I have to be on my way again. Holidays, you know. So I'll just tell you, instead. Between Saturday and Monday, I visited these places:

1. STL

2. MKE
3. Our old apartment building
4. Beans! (lunch with Amy and picked up some gifts)
5. Alterra (picked up a Fair Trade sampler and more gifts)
6. Farwell Music (found a copy of Coltrane, Live at Birdland)
7. Alice's house (where we stayed: thanks, Alice!)
8. King and I (nice vegetable curry)
9. U.S. Cellular Arena (for an event)
10. More Beans and Barley (salad with tahini dressing + black bean quesadilla)
11. Downer Theater (saw Pride and Prejudice: some cool interpretations of space and characters, but way too much compression of plot, imho)
12. Heinneman's (you gotta try baked oatmeal)
13. Great Harvest (picked up a loaf of reliable honey whole wheat and the more decadent cinnamon swirl, which looks like a giant sweet roll)
14. Grand Avenue Mall (a little more gift shopping)
15. Ok, yeah: more Beans (give me a break: it was my favorite neighborhood hangout; my kitchen away from home)
16. Back to MKE; thence to STL

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