Friday, March 31, 2006


Jon is arranging a "blogweave" on Spivak.

"Blogweave": like a carnival, no? But a different tenor. (Or is it vehicle?) Texturized blogging. I like it.

And Jon links to this post at Long Sunday as the source for "blogweave." Don't know if it's a new term or if it's in broader circulation (could do a technorati search, couldn't I?). But the entry at Long Sunday also notes the blog conversations as marking

an autonomy of writing, reading and research from the university that, particularly in times such as these, becomes an imperative

Which is useful to keep in mind, as I recall Jeff saying his department brought up the question of making blogs count for tenure and promotion. I believe Jeff said he wasn't sure he was for that. (Or I could have made this up, who knows. I was pretty sleep deprived the whole time I was at the Cs, so it's possible I hallucinated the conversation.) And, indeed, it does seem useful to keep blogs separate from the writing we do as academics: valuable often because they are separate.

All right, then. What's our next rhetoric weave going to be? Crowley, is it?

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Jeff said...

That was me. My dept, I heard, put me up as example for including blogs. But I am not yet sure I want blogs included. All kinds of things need to be thought out first...I'm not against other models for tenure, but I'm not for blanket coverage w/out thinking through what the new considerations entail.