Sunday, March 19, 2006


Missouri Valley Teams going to the Sweet Sixteen. (Sadly, not the Salukis. But at least Becky is happy.)

Rounds required to knock out all "my" teams. (That is, all teams to which I'm sentimentally attached because I've either attended or taught at the institution. Three at the beginning. None now. But at least Jeff is happy.)

Fellow bloggers whose teams beat mine. (See above.)

Cats who are now watching TV. (Might as well let them. I'm not watching it. After all, Missouri is now, sadly, out of the Women's NCAA tournament, too. But at least they made it, eh Chris?)

Days until I leave for Chicago and the CCCC.

And the Cs can't come too soon. Spring Break is too, too late this year.


Jeff said...

he he. Sorry about that. But....


Let's meet up in Chicago.

chris said...

Yeah, at least they made it.

Steve said...

Hey Mrs. Strickland,
please take my last post on the Hamster's Wheel as a good-natured prank. No hard feelings!