Thursday, March 02, 2006

Teens & blogging: the good news

As part of the Blogging class, Amy just gave a really productive presentation on teens and blogging. Of course, we all know the usual spin: teens are blogging! They better watch out! Bad things can happen!

As Amy notes, however, it's also the case that teens are using blogs for positive purposes: to express themselves, to connect with others. And as part of the in-class presentation (and, I hope, as part of a future blog post), Amy pointed us to some teen blogs that she reads. She regulary searches Technorati to find people who are blogging about books she's reading, and she finds that many of the blogs that come up are teen blogs. (And wouldn't that be pretty fascinating to study: the reception of a given work of literature or of a body of literature on teen blogs?)

So, thanks, Amy, for initiating a productive discussion. I have to admit that when I think about teen blogs, my mind tends to go blank, assuming that I'm going to get the same ol' same ol'. Today, I thought new thoughts!

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