Friday, December 01, 2006

White out

The view from my front door (photo courtesy of C):

Lotsa snow

Somewhere in there, there's my yard, the street, and the neighbor's yard. Somewhere.

Says the Columbia Daily Tribune:

Old Man Winter dumped between a foot and 15½ inches of snow on Columbia in a 24-hour period, making this year the second most significant snowfall since 1900.

Oh, and there's this:
Today’s snowfall has essentially shut down the city. Emergency officials are urging residents to stay home. The University of Missouri-Columbia called off classes today for the first time since 1995.

I was just complaining over at Billie's blog that I never get snow days like I did when I was growing up in Texas and any snow or ice fall was a major event. And now I get a snow day, but there's a small complication. I'm ON LEAVE! So, who cares that classes are cancelled? In fact, it's slightly annoying. I can't go anywhere. The roads are impassible. (Although I do see some tire tunnels in front of the house now, so someone got through.) What if I need to go to the store? What if I have a medical emergency?

Ah well. Keep warm out there.


techsophist said...

Wow--you definitely win the Missouri snow-wars. Missouri State canceled classes yesterday and today, but the snow is definitely not as deep here.

Billie said...

Yea, but you have **real** snow . . . :-) we had fake snow (sleet). It all looks so pretty in your picture!

John said...

That's the kind of snow I wish we'd gotten over here in St. Louis. Too much of it came down as rain and sleet. I think we got two inches around my house plus maybe 1/4 inch of ice. 8:00 and 9:00 AM classes were cancelled at my school, which means I got to stay home, but I was expecting 6-8 inches. Last night, my wife and I had decided we were going to make a snowman today, but there wasn't enough snow for us two Coloradians to think it was worth trying.

Donna said...

Yes, we could have made a snow man. Or a snow fort. Or done any manner of snow construction. But we didn't.

Too bad we don't have any cross-country skies lying around. Now *that* would have been fun. As it is, the only fun we had was shovelling. (And, really, I did sort of have fun doing it. It was the novelty factor.)

But, Lanette, I'm not sure Columbia *did* win the snow contest. I hear Sedalia got 17 inches! That's some snow.

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