Sunday, March 11, 2007

Saving daylight

Not that I want to jinx the rest of the day by saying so, but, really, dealing with the early time change today hasn't been so bad.

The truth is, I like Daylight Savings Time. I like the longer-lasting daylight. (What gets me, more than Daylight Savings Time, is the going back. The days are already getting short, and then we make them shorter. It's very strange.)

The day has been so welcoming, in fact, that C. and I went for a walk this morning. And we found some roads, just practically across the street, that we had never seen before. Columbia is a surprisingly hilly place, and so we found ourselves climbing some pretty steep hills, looking on some pretty tall houses that edge up against tree-lined valleys.

Our yard, meanwhile, is like a bog. All that ice from January finally melted away a couple of weeks ago, but it's rained since, and the ground just can't absorb it all.

Next week, CCCC. After that, Spring Break. Not bad. Not bad at all.


dhawhee said...

I like the change to DST too, mostly because I don't get as hungry! :)

Donna said...

Yeah, I like that affect of DST, too, Debbie. There's something about the shorter days that makes me want to load up on carbs.

Lance said...

Where'd you go? I used to love (back in 88-92) driving through the country around Columbia. It's where I saw my first and only UFO. It is surprisingly hilly for farm country, but my favorite roads may be those that take you down into the very flat Missouri River floodplain. There's a cornfield down there with a tree that, if it's still there, has to be 150 years old.

Donna said...

Although that isn't where we walked (because we live just west of campus, and that's where we were strolling), we did take a drive right past that oak tree on Saturday. That's kind of wild! Did you grow up around here or go to MU?

Donna said...

Ha--my previous comment should say "I like that effect." Not "affect." I've got the latter on the brain a bit.

Lance said...

Oh, yeah, I guess you wouldn't be walking that far out!

I went to MU for undergrad (from Springfield, though)--Poli Sci of all things. I have a lot of fond memories of Columbia. Glad to hear the tree's still there!