Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The time change thing

A few weeks ago, I started getting little email notices about the upcoming change in daylight savings time. To wit: it will begin earlier (as in, this weekend) and end later (November, I think).

And I just want to register my displeasure. With you, my readers. Not that it's your fault. Not that you can help me.

But, sheesh. I don't even get to have Spring Break until the last week of the month. And now I'm losing an hour?

And not only that, but according to the article linked to above,

Planes won't fall from the sky . . .but there are going to be a lot of little, minor annoyances that make people's days a little more hectic, a little more painful.

Cause, you know, older computers and such won't realize daylight savings time is coming earlier.

So I'm just preparing myself to feel really grumpy come Sunday. Watch out. The Nightmare of Anger may appear.


Chad Simpson said...

So now that daylight savings time is on the clock(s), has the anger materialized?

Jane and I were still up at two last night, and she turned to me, said, "You know, it's three o'clock now," and I felt for some reason a deep sadness, a sense of loss for that hour that had just passed without passing.


Congrats to the other Chad! Does that make you a Great Aunt now? You seem much too young to be a Great Aunt.

Donna said...

It hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. I hope you've been able to recover from the deep sadness of 3 am. I often find myself strangely sad at 3 am.

And, yes, a Great Aunt. I was a young Aunt, you see.