Tuesday, March 20, 2007


(1) In a couple of days, SIU, my former institutional home, will play KU, the arch-rivals of my current institutional home.

(2) Tomorrow morning, first thing, I’m on my way to NYC.

(3) Butler, another of my former institutional homes (I’ve been around), will have the chance to avenge the crushing buzzer beater of 2000 on Friday.

(4) Today, it’s drizzly and cool in Columbia

(5) I hope to get to some panels at the Cs. The number seems to decrease every year.

(6) I’m not staying at the conference hotel.

(7) In fact, I rarely stay at the conference hotel.

(8) And every year, I swear that next year I’m staying at the conference hotel. Just to avoid the bother.

(9) I might do some yoga tomorrow in NYC.

(10) This morning, I returned to CafĂ© Berlin. I still feel the same. I like the idea. The food is pretty good. I just want more. Like, I don’t know, cottage cheese pancakes. French-style omelets that are in thirds rather than halves. Things like that. You have to understand, I want a really cool breakfast place almost more than anything. So, Eli, I want to work with you here.

(11) Yesterday, it seemed that I had about four meetings scheduled for today. But it turns out that only one meeting actually happened.

(12) I just came back from last minute shopping. I always do last minute shopping just before leaving for a conference.

(13) I have to get up really early in the morning.

(14) I have a nonstop flight for the first time in a very long while.

(15) I think my hotel may have free wifi. If that’s the case, that’s probably a good thing about being in a non-conference hotel.

(16) That’s about it. Time to wrap it up.


Chad Simpson said...

First: Go Salukis! Go Bulldogs! (And what, pray tell, is your connection to Butler? Did you teach there?)

Second: Have fun in NYC. Do some yoga and eat some great food.

Third: The first and only academic article I've ever written will be available at 4C's. Well, the bound galleys will be available for perusal, I believe. I co-wrote the article with some SIU peeps, so look for it at the Hampton Press table. The "Writing Center" angle in the book's title will surely give it away.

jeff said...

Go Gators

Donna said...

Hey Chad--Congrats on the scholarly article! (Which I sadly missed but will look for when it gets beyond the galleys.) Butler was my first job after my PhD, but I was only there a year (but it happened to be the year alluded to above).

Eli said...

ok ok ok. i want it to be the best breakfast place here too. i'll keep keeping to keep trying....eli