Monday, May 07, 2007

Call me indulgent

Because I just did one of the most self-indulgent things in the history of my life on earth.

I went to the spa. I had a spa (half) day.

And I had a partner in crime. You might know her. Her first inital is "R."

I highly recommend the spa day (or half) for anyone who has had perhaps a particularly high stress semester. I can think of some fellow bloggers who might fit that description.

R and I, we had a pretty eventful semester. The shoulders had risen a little too close to the earlobes.

But now I'm wafting essential oils through the air, and the cats are sniffing me.

It's a lovely thing.


Jenny said...

That sounds like one of the most wonderful things ever. Someday I'll do that, too.

Billie said...

That's great news, Donna! A spa day (or half) sounds just wonderful. I might just plan my own get away later this week. ;-)

senioritis said...

Saturday is my birthday, which means that this week (tomorrow, to be specific) I do the Spa Thang. An entire afternoon. The Spa Thang is a Beautiful Thang, and I'm glad to know you're on to it. Of course R, being a kindred spirit and name-sharer, would lead you to it. That R is one damnfine person.

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