Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My first C & W

So I'm heading to Detroit next week (though I still haven't reserved a place to stay...need to get that done) to present for the first time ever at Computers & Writing. I'm calling my presentation "Affective Blogging," and it's going to be based almost entirely on things I've already blogged about. It's basically using Massumi's Parables of the Virtual to theorize blogging. Here are three paths I anticipate going down:

(1) Blogging is intensity before it is genre
(2) Blogging is centrifugal as well as centripetal (a la Collin's "Weblogs as Deictic Systems")
(3) Blogging is more “operative" than instrumental reason

Maybe more later. Just thought I'd put something here about what I'm working on these days.