Sunday, May 13, 2007

Five things I could do, in a parallel universe

Grades are due tomorrow. I've never liked grading, though I have to say this semester it isn't that hard and is even pleasurable. I taught two grad classes, so I'm reviewing teaching portfolios for one class and seminar papers on "the social" in rhet/comp for another. It's more enlightening than difficult.

Even so, last week I was prompted by someone to think about what I might do if I wasn't doing what I'm doing (as in, for work). So this is a list of five things I've thought of doing in my life, and still think about sometimes. Of course, most of these things would require further schooling. And some aren't particularly practical. They're just things that come to mind now and again.

1. Mediator
2. Yoga teacher
3. Psychologist
4. Educational union organizer
5. Physical therapist


AbbeyW said...

On my list:

1. Librarian
2. Forensic scientist (specifically human bodies, study of decay, insect cycles and time-of-death)
3. Pathologist
4. working with preservation of historic homes, textiles, etc.
5. Priest (I always thought my uncle was way-cool for getting to wave his hands about and facilitate miracles)

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