Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Must say something

But what?

My house has purple shutters. Last month, a man came to our house. Your neighbors don't like your house, he told C. It's off balance. Let me show you. No other house on the street has purple shutters.

I love the purple shutters. The house came that way, but still, I love them. I love the purple walls that lead to the attic, too. And the ceiling in the attic painted blue and white, a mimic of the sky.

I don't understand blandness and safety. Or, I should say, I do: there's comfort there. But depression, too. And a smoldering violence.

So must say something. Must not fall into the trap of saying nothing.


Becky Howard said...

Saying something good. Saying nothing bad. Purple shutters good. We have orange walls in our foyer, and they make me happy.

Marcia said...

Hey, you could say something, or you could *really* say something with even more color. How about a YELLOW door or an ORANGE door to go with the purple shutters?!? Yes, that is what I'd be tempted to do. :)