Friday, August 19, 2005

The pleasures of a clean desktop

I shared an office with a visiting professor this past year, and somehow sharing an office made me feel unmoored, without a real home.

This year I'm sharing the same office with C, which is odd, since I've never shared an office before with the same person I live with at home. But I'm willing to deal with it. Last year C was down in a shared office space in the basement, so at least he's getting a better deal. And sharing an office with a person I already know is much better than sharing it with a stranger (no offense to A), since C is already well-aware of my quirks. So today we re-arranged the space a bit, and I cleaned off my desk.

Feeling unmoored last year led to some bizarre and unproductive habits. Basically, nothing was filed; everthing was in various stacks all over my desk and bookshelves. Now things are filed, and my life seems manageable again.

Ah. Such pleasure in arranged spaces.

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Marcia said...

I'll have to stop by and admire your space.

I've been doing much of the same here at home--filing, organizing, and tossing out or recycling things I no longer need. It is work that feels good.