Friday, July 14, 2006


I'm pretty pleased with how the image collage assignment turned out. They created their collages with all kinds of software: Word, Publisher, PowerPoint. And while my "plan" was that they would see just the circulation of the images, many of them jumped into narrative. Interesting how strong that pull is.

So, take a look.


Daniel said...

Very nice. I like the idea of allowing everyone to choose their medium. Lots of clever surprises like weaving in quotes from, etc. I also like the reflections. I'm realizing that it might be the combination of creation with alternative media and then explaining and reflecting in text that really gives these assignments their power.

Donna said...

I agree: the reflections provide this great chance to interpret the interpretation. Maybe I'm just overly excited by meta-thinking, but there's something very powerful about pushing students to think with something other than words and then to use words to talk about that.

Daniel said...

Yes. The combination of the two seems really powerful. I wonder what the possibilities might be for working the other way, as well. Say, taking an essay and asking for a collage that casts a revision plan.

I'm also wondering why I, or other writing teachers, don't perform with collages for our own writing. I'll assign something like this--and work with images in my writing--but I wouldn't write a collage to say something.

Donna said...

No, I wouldn't, either. For me, it's definitely a matter of complacency. Writing works for me, so I'm smug. I push my students to think with new tools, but I'm often loathe to do the same. (I'm not loathe to play around with them, but, like you suggest, I don't compose a collage in place of something like an essay.) I wonder, though, if others see themselves as composing with collages--like Jeff, maybe?

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