Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cat treeing

We have a few cats. Adding vertical space is good when you have a few cats. Still, we put off the purchase of a tree. We wanted to get a good solid tree, one that wouldn't fall over or apart. But the better the tree, the more money to shell out, so we kept not buying.

Finally, we bought. It isn't a super-tall tree, which would be fun to have, but it has three levels and a little tunnel with a hole in the side on top.

It's a great success for rest and play. Just take a look.

Simon, Gabe, the tree Oct 06

Simon's head through the tree hole


Jenny said...

My cat loves her tree. Mine is about six feet tall, and it's lasted for over five years now. She uses it like a monkey uses a tree branch. It's great.

Donna said...

I think I remember seeing the tree in a photo on your blog--and admiring it. My cats, I'm pretty sure, would love a six-foot tree. One day, I'm sure I'll end up getting one. My cats are also quite monkey-ish and would like the extra branches and height.

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