Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wait for the DVD?

Tonight at about 6:45 central time, I realized that if I changed my plans, didn't go where I planned to go at 7:00, but instead stayed home and finished Season 2, Disc 6, we could in fact tune in for the season premiere, all caught up.

And so I stayed home. What can I say? I had to keep up with my fellow bloggers, didn't I? And C, who has never felt the same about TV since the X-Files ended, was happy to come along for the ride. After the first episode, back in August sometime, he was hooked.

But, goodness. Do you know what it is to binge for weeks, episode after episode, commercial-free? And then to be dropped into prime-time, with the narrative all broken up? And nothing more to see until next week, when you're used to being able to move right away to the next episode?

Said C: Let's just wait for the DVD. I can't take it.

Don't worry, gentle reader. I think we can cope.

So the Others live in some sort of alternative-dimension planned community? Hmmm.


Becky Howard said...

Imagine what it's like to be in a hotel room with a broken TV and know that everybody in the world is getting that binge EXCEPT YOU? I did talk to my partner who was oblilgingly though not without protest taping that premiere for me instead of watching the playoffs. So I will get to see it when I'm home this weekend. But how happy am I about the delay? Not at all.

jeff said...

We did a last minute catch up as Season 2 hit the DVD.

One day, I had an 8 episode marathon, just watching back to back episodes over two discs.

But it was worth catching up. Wed was the first time we saw Lost on TV, not DVD.

Jenny said...

Exactly! I have never watched LOST with commercials. I love the commercial-free DVD.

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