Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some science

I always look forward to Tuesday so that I can read the science section of the NY Times. It's the geek in me.

In today's news, a photo of the (drumroll please) RESEARCH REACTOR here at my institution. It's a lovely shade of blue. Apparently, museums and archaeologists are using it to study sculpture and other artifacts at the atomic level.

And, what I really wanted to tell you but thought I should put it below the fold since it's on the same topic as my last entry, is this:

Meditating is just as good as coffee!
(If the goal is to be alert.)

Feeling tired but have work to do? Think you should take a nap? Forget about it! Sit yourself down and follow your breath for 40 minutes. Napping just makes you fuzzy. Meditation focuses the attention.

But I love this last sentence from the little news item in the Times:

They said they did not know if caffeine and meditation combined would be even better.

What wonders of alertness await us! Drink coffee! Follow your breath! Get things done!

Because, you know, I'm not planning to give up coffee. Not anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

Yay for geeky science updates! I'm excited that MU's reactor is in the NY Times. That's so killer--it really deserves more props than it gets, even from its own campus. The research done there is absolutely world-renowned, and if I had more time I'd even list some links to back up that boots-too-big statement. Anyway, thanks for spotting the article and sharing!

By the way, I should mention MU is also home to the lab that just recently achieved the first working therapy for Muscular Dystrophy in large mammals (like us). But they're moving soon, so enjoy the glory while it lasts, homies.

Robert said...

Apparently apples work, too. Me? I like my morning tea.

Donna said...

Um. Apples?

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