Tuesday, October 03, 2006


After reading this NY Times article about a ful stand in Cairo (only $.20/bowl!), I asked C., wanna go to Egypt? (He's ambivalent.)

I'm not sure that I've even ever had ful. Kinda seems like the Sufi-run middle-eastern restaurant in Carbondale might have called their lentil soup "ful." But did it really have fava beans in it? Have I ever even had fava beans?

It just sounds so tasty. Creamy, long cooked beans. Spices. A little hot pepper.

I even think I could eat it for breakfast, like they do (apparently) in Cairo. But dinner would also be good.

Must be the fall that's getting to me. Beans. Stews. Hearty foods. They're sounding good.


jeff said...

It is good.

Aren't there any Middle Eastern restaurants in Columbia?


Y'all need to come up here for a bit then where we have plenty....

Donna said...

Oh, sure, we have Middle Eastern restaurants. But do any of them serve fava beans in any form? Not sure about that. Lentils? Check. Garbanzo beans? Check. I just don't know about the fava beans.

It's possible I've missed them. After all, we *do* have more than one Middle Eastern grocery (including one next to the local mosque), and more than one Middle Eastern grocery store. So maybe I can get some real fava bean ful somewhere.

But I'll also be sure to check out Detroit's plenti-ful when I'm there for C&W.

Donna said...

You might wonder about the fine distinction made above between "grocery" and "grocery store." Ah, well, you see: not everyone *sells* the food they stock, do they?

Actually, one of those should read "restaurant." Just in case you were wondering.

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