Sunday, June 10, 2007

Favoring curry

I'm back from Pittsburgh and happy to report that, as advised by Debbie and Mike, I had a delicious meal at the Spice Island Tea House. Wonderful little samosas as an appetizer, spicy Vegetarian Curry Trio for my entree. And, Mike--they seem to have a liquor license now! Because there was wine for our table.

And, since I'm speaking of meals, I'll mention that I also enjoyed a wonderful tofu curry at Soba, in Shadyside. Also some amazing blue cheese ravioli for an appetizer. It was a curry kind of trip for me.

I walked around the Pitt campus a good bit, looked around in the Cathedral of Learning, and found a nice used bookstore close to Carnegie Mellon. But that's about it for siteseeing--though I hoped to make it to the museums, I didn't.

But the people! K was an absolutely splendid host (as was J), B a wonderful new doctor of composition, and the other K a fabulous person who I was delighted to meet and talk with. And I got to talk to even more cool people, too.

Lots of spice to this trip. It was a good one. Many, many thanks to K for making it possible.


senioritis said...

It all sounds lovely. But I gotta tell ya, Mountaineers refer to that building as the Tower of Ignorance.

dhawhee said...

Other favorite epithets are: Highrise to the Humanities, and when JM and I worked there, in our house it was the "Cathedral of Earning"

I miss Soba!!

Lance said...

Maybe I'm just a sucker for antimetabole (plus, I love curry), but this post gets my award for best title of the summer so far.

Mike @ Vitia said...

Becky's likely relieved that the Mountaineer Cabin is no longer a fixture on the Forbes Avenue side of campus.

Soba in Shadyside was the fancy place where my attorney took me for my 30th birthday, and I liked it, but the divey and ecumenical Mitchell's on Craig Street was much more my speed.

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