Monday, June 04, 2007

To dream, perchance to blog

Last night, I dreamed it snowed.

I was walking down the street, my feet sinking into the snow.

It's June! I thought to myself in my dream. It snowed in June! I can't believe it!

And then I thought, still dreaming: I'm going to blog about this.


Chad Simpson said...

That's really funny, Donna.

Maybe I'll blog about your dream about blogging now.

bonnie lenore kyburz said...

i've been editing a little film, and i've been dreaming "in screens," sort of like that scene in Minority Report . . . just moving scenes around. what i love about dreams is that we create entirely new image/expression-events, things we've never seen. maybe it's a parallel universe converging w/ our own.

as for the snow, "snow cruncing underfoot" is one of my favorite sound effects. but feet sinking into snow is a fabulous image that i'll now carry around.

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