Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Tomorrow I continue my tour (begun last month with a visit to Detroit) of cities made great by industry. This month it's Pittsburgh.

I've never been there before. So if anyone would like to suggest things to do or see (ideally, in the vicinity of the Oakland neighborhood), I'm all ears.


dhawhee said...

Oooh, goodie! Pittsburgh is great, and Oakland has a lot to offer (besides Pitt!) The Carnegie Museum is right there, and I also recommend lunch at the Spice Island Tea House. If it's a nice day, the Phipps conservatory isn't far, and the flowers and plants there are always quite lovely.

Mike @ Vitia said...

Agreed on all Debbie's recommendations, especially lunch or dinner at Spice Island, which is a wonderful pan-Asian BYOB place owned/run by an acquaintance from my (brief) undergrad days at CMU. And you need, at least once in your life, to have a Primanti Brothers sandwich. Go to Pamela's for breakfast, but get there early. Mad Mex has pretty good Mexican.

If you like beer, go to the nicely divey Sharp Edge for its selection, or the Church Brew Works, which has a nice menu as well.

The CMU campus is pretty, and connects to Schenley park. The Warhol Museum is a drive over the river, but it's worth it.

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